My Best Friends Wedding (1997) Review

When Julianne is told by her best friend Michael that he is getting married the up and coming weekend, she goes rather psycho thinking that should in fact be together and getting married!


I have seen this movie so many times, I could not even begin to count how many times. Julia Roberts always has been on of my favorite actresses, and every time I watch “My Best Friends Wedding” I always think – this is my favorite Julia movie. Which I do not really know why I have that thought, but I just do. As it doesn’t really have a happy ending for Julia. But it does have some very random parts which I think are hilarious. Like when she falls off the bed when talking to Michael (Dermot Mulroney) on the phone, when he tells her he is getting married. And when she falls backwards off the chair when sending emails in Walter’s office. Its more the fact she stands back up and makes it look like nothing happened, before sitting back down again.

George (Rupert Everett) is Julianne’s best friend in recent times, with her hardly seeing Michael anymore. At one point Jules pretends that she is engaged to George (even though he is gay) just to try and make Michael feel bad. It worked as Michael tells her he was crazy jealous (which always annoys me, as he is practically married to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) and still thinks he has a right to say that to Jules).

Another classic comic (but evil) moment from Jules is taking Michael and Kimmy to a karoke bar when Kimmy had previously told her she cannot sing. So Cameron Diaz ends up singing “I just don’t know what to do with myself” (I always say I could do the perfect impression of this moment, as yes I cannot sing) but it always cracks me up at how much all the people in the bar get behind her and it kinda back fires at Jules.

Jules is rather evil throughout the film, trying to figure out ways to get Michael back. She even risks getting Michael fired when she sends an email to his boss from Kimmy’s father. Which causes Michael to cancel the wedding. But it is all back on eventually, but not without more drama when Jules tells Michael how she feels. To which Kimmy sees them kiss and runs off, with Michael chasing her, then Jules chases him. But as she is talking to Jules he points out that no-one is chasing her, therefore Michael has made his decision and that is Kimmy.

Jules eventually apolgises to Kimmy in a very public scene in the bathroom at the train station, with loads of women standing round shouting things. So the wedding goes ahead. Jules while making her speech loans them the song her and Michael share until they find there own, which is such a sweet moment.Jules is then sitting at the table when he phone rings and it is George who describes exactly what she is doing and it turns out he is at the wedding and it ends with them dancing.

I really do like this movie, I think its sweet even though Julia isn’t playing the nicest of characters I found myself still routing for her because it was Julia Roberts type of thing. But it would not have made a very good ending if Michael did in fact choose her. I like the open ending that she was dancing with George at the wedding, instead of what the original ending of her meeting some guy (this was in the first screening tests, which did not go down very well so they changed it). Romantic comedies really are not made like this anymore. Julia needs to make more in my opinion as she is still looking very youthful so the age issue would not be a problem.

4 thoughts on “My Best Friends Wedding (1997) Review

  1. Not only does this modern-day screwball romp manage to be romantic and comical, it also offers Julia Roberts a chance to shine again in the kind of movie that she does best. Check out my review when you can!


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