Yes Man (2008) Review

Jim Carey is back to comedy and back to his best. No-one else could have done this role in the same manner as Jim Carrey. He really is just fantastic at comedy.


Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) takes no risks at all in his life and says no to everything. He ends up at a strange seminar and agrees to say ‘yes’ to everything. (Leading to some very amusing moments, which I don not want to spoil in this review). Carl meets Allison (Zooey Deschanel) who is wild and does pretty much anything she wants. Someone Carl would have never met if he had not been saying ‘yes’ to things.  Carl has a shaky relationship with his best friend Peter (Bradley Cooper) as he misses his engagment party and never really turns up to anything. But the whole ‘yes’ is taken advantage of by his friends as they use it to get him to buy drinks (which is what men would probably do, to their friends).

He ends up getting himself into trouble, as some of things he says yes to look rather suspicious and obviously they do not believe his story about the seminar. The ending is pretty obvious but still you want to see it happen and for it to end well, it was just that type of film.

It has a nice message as well, which is don’t just fall into a routine and a boring lifestyle. Live a little before it is too late to experience new things. Branch out more and enjoy your life. In relation to other films, in someways it reminded me of ‘Click’ (2006). With the whole changing things in your life, and how it can be good or bad to want to change.

Hopefully Jim Carrey will make more comedies in the future as still nobody does it better.

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