Movies on UK TV Sat 21st – Fri 27th Feb

Movies which I think are best on this coming week. Bold are movies I have not seen but intend to watch.

Saturday 21st Feb

  • Schindler’s List – Sky Movies Drama – 8pm
  • Vera Drake – channel 4 – 9pm
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – Sky Movies Premiere – 6pm
  • There Will Be Blood – Sky Movies Premiere – 9.45pm
  • Heavenly Creatures – BBC1 – midnight

Sunday 22nd Feb

  • Vanilla Sky – channel 4 – 10.50pm
  • The Rainmaker – BBC1 – 11pm

Monday 23rd Feb

  • Pollock – BBC2 – 12.30am
  • As Good As It Gets – Sky Movies Drama – 8pm

Tuesday 24th Feb

  • American Beauty – Sky Movies Dram – 10.20pm

Wednesday 25th Feb

  • From Hell – Five – 10pm-12.20am

Thursday 26th Feb

  • Freedomland – Five – 9pm-11.35pm

Friday 27th Feb

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