Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

How do you break free without breaking apart?

I guess the tagline is a great place to start on describing the film, as that was the main problem between Frank (Dicapro) and his wife April (Winslet).  Its obvious that in the beginning they really did love each other so much, but over the years after moving to a house and having two children this condemned their relationship to turn to hate as they both blamed one another for not making it in what they wanted to do.


In parts this was a very difficult movie to watch, as it felt so real and as though you should not be watching the arguments and break down of the marriage. The outside pressures from other residents of Revolutionary Road calling them special because they were so young and full of life, but that was possibly another reason the downfall was so powerful. Everyone wanted them to be so much more than they actually had become.

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for Leo and Kate to have to film this movie as the emotions they had to use must have made them depressed by the end of the shooting. Hardly any smiling occurs in this from either of them, which then again neither of the characters really had too much to smile about. Some very delicate issues are taken on board throughout this movie, such as abortion, affairs and mental health.

John (Shannon) was fantastic as the neighbours son who has mental problems and had just come out of a mental hospital. At one point Frank and April actual think John makes sense in what he says to them which is ironic as John is officially mental.

This film must really terrify anyone who is engaged to be married as one of the main issues in this film says that marriage changes everything. It really must be an awful thought that your life could end up like the marriage in this film, stuck in a place you cant stand and a job you hate, just because you need the money and cannot actually see yourself moving anywhere else.

To me it was obvious that Sam Mendes directed this film, as certain parts reminded me of “American Beauty”. Mainly the types of camera shots on the different characters faces and some actions. Also the way the music was placed in the background of some scenes.

I really do think this film was robbed not getting any nominations at the Oscars, and that Kate recieved a BAFTA for “The Reader” instead of this.

5 thoughts on “Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

  1. A deeply felt, moving and genuinely tragic study of a marriage tearing itself apart. With two great stars like Leo and Kate just acting their hearts out, you can’t help but get attached to this marriage. Good review, check out mine when you can!


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